Swedish Massage- A light to medium pressure which can help the body remove toxins and deliver nutrients to tissues and cells. 

$ 75 1 hr./ $50 1/2 hr. 

Deep Tissue Massage- Includes a number of approaches to free the body's system of myofascial connective tissue through deep manipulation of the muscles.

$ 80 1 hr./ $55 1/2 hr.

Reflexology Massage- A technique of manipulationg the feet and hands in order to improve circulation, ease pain, and increase relxation.

$ 60 1/2 hr.

Chair Massage- An on-site massage, generally lasting from 15 to 30  minutes, which aims to relax constricted musculature and improve circulation.

$ 50 1/2 hr.

Sports Massage- Before activity, it can help protect against injury and pain while boosting performance. After activity, it helps remove lactic acid, restore muscle tone and range of motion. 

$ 85 1 hr./ $ 60 1/2 hr.

Hot Stone Massage- Smooth basalt stones are warmed and used to relax tense and sore muscles.

$ 95 1 hr./ $ 130 1 1/2 hr. 

Prenatal Massage- Relieve your aches and pains associated with pregnancy and let yourself be nurtured during this special time of your life. Please consult your physician to be sure massage is permitted.

$ 80 1 hr./ $55 1/2 hr.

Aromatherapy Massage- Essential oils extracted from plants and flowers heal the body and ease the mind.

$ 80 hr./ $ 55 1/2 hr.